Friend now a days we all are using camera. We are also familiar with it's function and also how to select and buy a camera. While purchasing a camera we always notice that what megapixel is?

Also equally important in the camera is the flash which is very important part of our camera, which is pretty much ignored by us. So,now I want to tell you the importance of a LED flash so that you never ignore it. Flash is visibly seen in both camera and any kind of flash you are using rather it may be a Single Flash, Dual LED Flash, or True Tone flash.

Now the question is how does flash affect our photos? They are actually made for improving your picture quality. With the help of your phone sensors they detect what is the intensity of light around the frame, what is the temperature around frame. Before the LED flash the Xenon flash were used but they were not much bright and they also consumed too much battery.

So the first solution was a LED flash. Which are used in every Smartphone. Which is a single Flash and it only increases your photos's brightnes. Later on came the Dual LED flash. It first arrived in iPhone. They were further upgraded and launched as Moon Light and Dag Light Flashes. Now they are those Flashes which are used in today's Smartphones. They not only increase the brightnes but also maintaini photos's Temperature and colour coordinations.

So now on when ever you are going to buy a camera or a smartphone these points regarding flash need to be kept in your mind.