Motivate Students To Love Science

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Students require motivation to visit research facilities in their respective cities. With STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) gaining prominence, the role of teachers and scientists assumes importance in motivating students to pursue a career in science. The role of science educators involves making students understand the importance of science by going down to their level of understanding and through practical demonstrations.

Every institute must have a strategy to motivate and influence young students to take science as their career and in this direction, the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, has taken lot of initiatives to motivate young buds. In this regard, CSIR-IICT has many students visiting its facilities. On observation and interacting with students, here are a few strategies to motivate students to develop an interest in science. Primarily, science teachers during their day-to-day teaching and scientists during the students’ visits to their laboratories may consider implementing the following activities.

Improve Image of Science: To improve public appreciation of science, there is a need to showcase the uses of science in various fields. Hoardings and posters at various public places can have information on the uses of science in building cities, developing rural areas and life styles. There are several shows broadcast on television channels and other social media platforms that highlight the importance of forensic chemical laboratories. Teachers/Scientists can relate to a few of these shows and highlight the importance of analysis in forensic science and also other areas. Students can be encouraged to perform fun-filled experiments.

Role Model: A science teacher can be a role model to students. Students generally are attracted towards science if the teacher has flair to communicate well with a command over the subject and engage the students throughout the class duration. Students will be motivated to take up science as their interest is kindled in the subject.

Science is Fun: To motivate students, schools must take the initiative to involve practical training from class five. Fun-filled experiments, field visits, competitions and quiz on science will generate an interest in science from childhood.

Everyday Connect to Science in Life: Science is a part of daily activities, and this has to be highlighted to students. Through demonstrations, students must be explained that touch, smell, and food they consume, various games played on cellphones and tabs are all possible because of science.

Exposure to New Opportunities: Students must be encouraged to think and come up with new ideas. For this, students must have the aptitude to learn something new, creativity, curiosity and experiment with things. In the age of smartphones, children can be encouraged to create Apps that make their life simple. They have to be encouraged to join field trips to manufacturing facilities; as such tours will give them a first-hand experience of the processes and the technology behind them. Based on their experience from such trips, students have to be encouraged to come up with projects for science fairs. Group discussions and mentoring will give a better idea of science and its uses in daily life.

Interesting Tools: Delivering routine and descriptive lectures on science can make students uninterested in the subject. There are many tools and websites that have interesting information for children to experiment with items that are available at home. For example, there are experiments that demonstrate the reuse of plastic bottles. Science teachers and scientists can guide students in performing these experiments. 

Bringing Science to Life: Science teachers and scientists must be able to identify the natural curiosity, instinct, ability and leadership qualities in students and encourage them.  Small rewards for their work will motivate them to consider science as a career choice. Rewards can be motivating books on science.

Today CSIR-IICT is able to show case the Lab in a very big way and many school and colleges students from different parts of the country have been visiting and getting motivated.  In a similar way, all other prestigious scientific labs may take initiative to motivate the young students by inviting them to their respective labs. Implementing the above ideas can change the perception of science among children.                                                                                                                                        

Author: B.D.Sanjay, CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad

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