Conserve nature to preserve the future

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" Nature does nothing in vain." Right was Aristotle in saying this but with a little fault, I must say that nature should not have produced modern man.Though it is a delight to watch those fast developing skyscrapers,industries but nature is fast depleting,animals are dying like flies.Trees,I wonder if the future generation ever know of them! The problem is that, we are not using natural resources to sustain.We are rampantly and shamelessly taking and taking.But the effect is showing-one in eight deaths was due to air pollurion exposure. An entire village in Punjab has become a 'cancer village' due to overuse of uranium containing fertilisers.Around 1500 BC , the vedas compared our earth to mother and in 2017 AD it still remains the same but today her patience has come to an end.She is teaching us good lessons through natural calamities.We have forgotten our limits and it's the mother's way of reminding us.It's high time we realise that we could be superior among living beings but we are and will always remain inferior to nature. To notice, to react,to save ,to preserve !Not for us but for the future generations we can. Nature is god's way of saying-exist. Let's walk more than we drive, reduce using nuclear energy and realise to progress doesn't mean leaving everything behind.Turn off the taps, light and engine and put garbage in the bin. They honestly do seem petty but these small things can slowly do better things than great things can. The byssinosis of Rajasthan is one of such example. For larger issues, international cooperation is required. Kyoto Protocol is a good example. In the end I would quote the saying- "When the last drop of water is wasted, the last grain of food is consumed and when the last breath of oxygen is taken, we will realise that we don't have any other planet to give to our future generation other than earth and there we will face between the choice of what was right and what was easy!"

Posted By : Bhavya Arora, Class 10, GOODLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL
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