Studying about the Rocks of the Earth - Geology and Geochemistry

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  • How the earth was made?
  • What it is made up of?
  • How it has changed over time?

In more scientific terms, Geology is the study of the Earth's origin, structure, composition and history, (including the development of life) and the nature of the processes which have given rise to the Earth as we know it today.

Geochemistry is the branch of Earth Science that applies chemical principles to deepen an understanding of the Earth system and systems of other planets.

Various sub-disciplines of Geology & Geochemistry

  • Physical geology

    It is concerned with work of natural processes which bring about changes upon earth’s surface

  • Petrology

    The study of different rocks and the conditions in which they are formed

  • Mineralogy

    The study of minerals, its composition and properties is called mineralogy

  • Structural Geology

    Study of three-dimensional distribution of rock units with respect to their deformational histories

  • Stratigraphy

    Study of rock layers (Strata) and its layering (stratigraphy)

  • Palaeontology

    Study of fossils

  • Economic Geology

    Study of minerals of economic importance

  • Mining Geology

    Application of geology to mining of natural resources

  • Isotope Geochemistry

    Study of stable and radioactive isotopes in earth crust

  • Trace and Elemental geochemistry

    Composition and distribution of various chemical elements in sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous-rocks

  • Organic geochemistry

    Study of organic matter in sediments

  • Geochronology

    Studying the age of the rocks on earth

  • Paleoclimatology

    The study of changes in climate taken on the scale of the entire history of Earth

Author: Dr Devleena Mani Tiwari, UGC-Assistant Professor, Centre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Hyderabad.

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