Seven Wonders of Science

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Every day we come across several wonders of science. Science is an observation of our surroundings and taking out inferences from them. It is an unending ocean of facts, theories, experiments and most importantly, knowledge. It has gifted us several boons and today we will discuss about seven such Wonders of Science.

It is difficult to select a handful of inventions and discoveries from the unending ocean of this beautiful discipline. Yet I present to you seven breakthrough inventions and discoveries that changed the world. Read on!!

Wheel: Though a little bit unusual, it is one of the most important discoveries or I must say inventions of ancient times without which travelling would not be possible in today’s time.

Internet: A necessity in today’s world, Internet has become an integral part of our lives. One of the toughest things to do in today’s time is to imagine a day without it.

Genetically Altered Seeds, Fertilizers & Pesticides: These three things have always helped our nation’s farmers and have always proved beneficial to them and eventually to all of us.

Electricity: It is a breakthrough in science and is empowering the world today. It has made everything possible that people in earlier times could not have even imagined.

Ball-Point Pen: This beautiful, cheap and one of the best boons of science, has enabled and inspired us to go further in our lives and write a better future.

Light Bulb: This wonder of science invented by Hon. Thomas Alva Edison, has enabled us to lead a better, brighter, and wonderful life.

Penicillin: Yes, this life saving drug invented by Hon. Alexander Fleming was a breakthrough in the field of medical sciences. It has saved, is saving and it will be saving thousands and thousands of lives.

From these ‘Seven Wonders of Science’ each one of us should take inspiration and always try to question every natural phenomenon and also try to find their answers on our own.


- Shreenabh Agrawal,


The C.D.S. School- K.R.

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