Journey from the Cave to the Edge of Universe

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Article By: Kandarp Satishbhai Upadhyay
Government Secondary School, Dumkhal

Have you ever wondered when the mankind started to learn about the space and why? Achha chalo , How you started your journey ?May be, looking at the sky from your mother's lap you might have wondered who is accompanying me to make this world more beautiful. That is how most of us may have started our journey to know , understand and enjoy "the universe" and it's imperfection.

How a man/woman who lives within a cave had identified the planets, stars and hence the universe and its uncertainity? The answer is very simple just like you had. Their story is as much as interesting as yours.

Chalo thodi si time travel kar le... Yahin bethe bithae... I do still remember the days when we used to sleep on the roof top with siblings and cousins and identifying (actually naming) the stars and constellations on our own. The journey of a cave man /woman might be as excited as those memories.

The 1st step towards the uncertain world of universe was to move to the huts from the caves. There can be number of reasons for that and surely one of them is to be under the never ending twinkling of different stars emitting different wavelengths and as a result a beautiful scenario of the night. And of course a star light dinner with the loved ones. And of course sometimes they might have to run away due to shooting stars and it's effect.

During all this time they had already constructed the wheels and they can move faster than before. Do you remember the view of horizon from the river bank and a wish to run and catch the setting sun? Some of them had also tried to do so and they find that they are there to never meet each other. Now, they are moving faster and they start leaving in the groups so that they can protect themselves and can fight to the animal, to sustain the life vividly. And then it started forming groups, regions, countries. And today mankind has decided to build colonies on the moon and the mars. Even astronauts lives in the space for a few months.

All these developments have not occurred overnight. It takes the curiosity of a number of people and the practice of numerous intellectuals to satisfy that curiosity. And it takes centuries to find that there is another planet which is very similar to our earth. We know so many things but much more is still on the way waiting for us to reach there.

“Whatever we have today is actually not ours it is gift of our forefathers to us, their way of understanding the nature.”


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Harsh Bisht

Great. But is it really true that if we try to see the edge of the universe we would be seeing it as it was during the time of the big bang? Could we possibly see the big bang singularity?

Posted on : 10-04-2018 03:45:59

Kandarp Upadhyay

All these are theories.. So for saying it is possible but practical we are too far to achieve it. All these stuffs came from the "Theory of relativity" and we are at a half way to practically apply those... So lets get fingers crossed for further successful researches.

Posted on : 22-04-2018 09:43:41